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Southern Textile News

A Brief History

Southern Textile News was founded August 9, 1945 with the production of its first edition. In that edition the newspaper's founder and publisher, John M. Mullen, was quite specific in his vision and purpose for starting STN. As he stated in this inaugural issue STN's "primary concern is to give the textile executive, and all those engaged in textile production and related enterprise through the South, a live non-technical industrial newspaper of their own.

"The Southern Textile News is owned and controlled entirely by those publishing it. It is not in any way subsidized by any industrial group or interest.

"It will serve the entire industry. Its purpose is to render (Southern) textile manufacturing and related enterprise a service which has never heretofore been available."

As stated over 55 years ago in the Premier Edition: "This is a newspaper for the top executives of the textile industry -- and it is, and will remain, also more than that. It is a newspaper for the key officials of textile plants -- the subordinate executives in the top management and policy-making offices, the personnel directors, the superintendents, the purchasing agents, the overseers and others and it is also for those who supply the industry with its needs and all those who are engaged in any way in fields related to the textile industry."

Some 55 years later Southern Textile News, based in Charlotte, NC, the heart of the U.S. Textile industry, continues its stride to provide timely, informative and pertinent information for its readers. In other words the NEWS!

Although STN was originally conceived to serve the Southern textile industry, we now serve a global textile community. The spaceship earth has gotten much smaller in these last 50 plus years, and STN is committed to adapting to these changes.

Please contact us to begin receiving your own personal copy of Southern Textile News. We can assure you it will be worth the price of the subscription!